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J-Pop Band names list of 2016

One of my absolute favorite Tokyo traditions is going to the Shibuya Tower Records and trolling the aisles of the J-Pop floor for crazy band names. Here is my recent haul from just a few days ago. Enjoy!

Yellow Dancer
Sexy Zone
Doll Elements
Alaska Berries
Rilly Bill
The Pillows
Ruffy Tuffy
Laugh Partner
Rice Riot
Unicycle Dio
Wrestling Crime Master
Red Bacteria Vacuum
Wazz Up
Mop of Head
Morning Erections
Mechanical Teddy
The Milky Tangerine
Miss Donut and Gentlemen
Mississippi Duck Festival
Manhole New World
Marmalade Butcher
Muscle Attack
Mass of the Fermenting Dregs
Mouse on the Keys
Mother Ninja
Caffeine Bomb
Penguin Research
Tempura Kidz
Dead Fish Boys
Dude Tone
The ding-a-lings
This is not a business
Discharming Man
Doping Panda
Pelican Fanclub
Friendly Spoon
The Bullshit
Who the Bitch
Boogie Matsuda and Funky Freaks
High Bone Muscle
Hysteric Picnic
Hump Back
Purple Humpty
Bunny the Party
Permanent Fish
Jackson Vibe
Civilian Skunk
Jolly Junk Chips
Thinking Dogs
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her
Stomach Patrol
The Slut Banks