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© 2014 Matthew Lee Johnston

Metal Night – 20140208

I had just returned from being in Vegas for five days, and was super used up. I went downstairs to quickly draw up a stack, and when I emerged to let Jeff into the house, two inches of snow covered the ground. This was the beginning of metal night #2. We both did a great job of digging deeper on this one. Jeff made up for my lack of prep time with some heavy lifting…he did his homework…and delivered a few things I’d never heard before. Canada and the Northwest were well represented, as they should be.

Best new band: Church of Misery
Biggest surprise: Riot live at Donnington in 1980
Worst production: Overlord’s Broken Toys
Worst song ever in human history: Uncle Sam’s “Seattle”

Moțrhead: End of Time РAftershock (MLJ)
Gary Moore: Murder in the Skies – Victims of the Future (JL)
Quartz: Too Hot to Handle – Against All Odds (MLJ)
Saxon: Motorcycle Man – Wheels of Steel (JL)
Heathen: Set Me Free – Breaking the Silence (MLJ)
Anthrax: I Am The Law – I’m the Man 12″ (JL)
Anthrax: Howling Furies – Fistful of Metal (MLJ)
Trouble: The Misery Shows – Best of Metal Blade 3 (JL)
Trouble: The Misery Shows (Act II) – Trouble (MLJ)
Dio: Evil Eyes – The Last in Line (JL)
H-Bomb: Double Bang – Attaque (MLJ)
Zebra: Tell Me What You Want – Zebra (JL)
Shadow: Tonight The Lights Go Out – 10″ (MLJ)
Guns ‘N Roses: Out Ta Get Me – Appetite for Destruction (JL)
Sandrider: Gorgon – Godhead (MLJ)
Metallica: Green Hell – 5.98 EP (JL)
Agnostic Front: Time Has Come – Cause for Alarm (MLJ)
Riot: Road Racin’ – Castle Donnington Monsters of Rock August 16th, 1980 (JL)
Overlord: Had Enough – Broken Toys (MLJ)
Venom: Heaven’s On Fire – Black Metal (JL)
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats: Evil Love – Mind Control (MLJ)
Thin Lizzy: Suicide – Fighting (JL)
Cactus: I’m Evil – Restrictions (MLJ)
Moxy: Through the Storm – II (JL)
Razor: Below The Belt – Violent Restitution (MLJ)
Voivod: The Lost Machine – Outer Limits 12″ (JL)
Church of Misery:  Brother Bishop – Thy Kingdom Scum (MLJ)
Iron Maiden: Murders In The Rue Morgue – Killers (JL)
Uncle Sam: Seattle – America America (MLJ)
Billion Dollar Babies: Ego Mania – Battle Axe (JL)
S.O.D.: United Forces – Speak English Or Die (MLJ)
Exodus: A Lesson In Violence – Bonded By Blood (JL)
Testament: Trial by Fire – The New Order (MLJ)
MSG: Into the arena – MSG (JL)

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