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© 2012 Matthew Lee Johnston

Black N’ Blue Fan Club

I was true to the game even at 14. There will only be one fan club with my name on the roster. I felt that being in more than one fan club went against the whole premise of ultimate fandom. Back before the Ten Club was giving out locks of hair, being in a fan club meant you got a photocopy of a merch order form and a sticker. The rest of the payoff was up to you. Knowing you were in the “club” needed to be the real reason behind joining.

I found this letter in a box up in my parent’s attic with a Dio shirt, a Culprit button, and a Mean Ugly Guys cassette demo. It was clearly printed on my Apple //e Applewriter.

In verbatim:
To Jaime, Tommy, Pete, Jef, Patrick,

This is NOT another one of those bullshit letters. I’m not gonna give you a bunch of crap, just gonna tell you how much I appreciate your music. I am not a screaming groupie like something out of a menudo concert. I am a dude, in Hawaii, with nothing to do but make music and go to the beach. Don’t get me wrong about this computer shit, it’s mine, but I don’t have inch thick horned rim glasses.

I have waited until now to join a fan club. I wanted to join only one. One that I would stick with, and one that has to do with a band that I really like. Ok, I would’ve just wrote a short note saying I wanna join, but I would like to see just how personal you guys get with your fans.

I am 14 gasping for 15. Have your School of Hard Knocks 12 inch, your title album, and With out Love. I like to think that I really try to get you guys popular. In my area (Hawaii Kai), Wicked Bitch is everyone’s (cool people) favorite song. All because I was in California for a while and picked up your album seeing the Geffen label. I liked your name, so I grabbed it. I immediately fell in love with it, and it has been continuously playing on auto reverse ever since. You guys can write songs man, I mean really write them. There is so much talent in your band, that it really sounds good. Randy Rhoads will always be the person I look up to most, but Black ‘N Blue follows close behind.

I play guitar, drums, and a bit of keyboards, and my band is starting to write their own songs. We haven’t come up with a name yet, but when we get it, it’ll be good. We only do 3 cover tunes. “Hold on to 18”, “Wicked Bitch”, “Rockin on Heaven’s Door”.

You guys gotta come to Hawaii, Ok, so it’s expensive, and you probably wouldn’t get too many people, but the people you do get, will be so pleased. I’ll be up there in the front row, ready to rock.

As I said before, I worte all this to see how you guys were with fans, and to see what’s going on. Well, reply, tear it up, do whatever, but I won’t think anything less of you if I don’t get a reply. I understand how much time rocking consumes. Please try to absorb this, and think about a reply. I ain’t no chick in leather, but I would beat the shit out of anyone who said Black ‘N Blue sucked.

Matt Johnston

Fone: (808) 395-8384


After about a month, I got a typed reply letter from John B.C. Burke (the President of the fan club):


Dear Matt,

The boys really appreciate your support and interest. I usually pull letters with substance, (like yours) and show them to the band, because that’s what makes them continue to believe in what their doing.

We’re currently working on an extended World Tour, and hopefully we’ll make it to Sunny Hawaii.

The single off the new album is “Miss Mystery”, and the video should be on MTV starting the 9th or 10th of Oct.

I’ll be sending tour and Merchandise info. in a few weeks.

Thanks for the feedback!


John “B.C.” Burke


I must’ve sent an interesting reply to that one because I have another response from B.C., this time written by hand:



Just bad luck involved as far as the West Coast KISS dates. All set to go and the record Co. backs out. It’s a shitty business. The East Coast went great though and Gene Simmons will possibly work on the next album for us. No holding us back, we’ve got great new songs already for Album #3. Sorry about the San Francisco gig fell through for ya (and us too)!

Matt you wouldn’t think Hawaii sucked if ya lived in Portland believe me. We will include the islands if possible. Enjoy your letters! Take care