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© 2012 Matthew Lee Johnston

My email rumble with the Nuge.

Here’s another old favorite, this one dating back to 1995.

MLJ vs. The Nuge…GO!

From: Matthew Johnston
To: Nugent <73531.1175@compuserve.com>
Subject: The Multimedia Madman?
Date: Wednesday, November 22, 1995 3:58PM

Salutes Ted!

I’ve been a BIG enthusiast of your music since about 5th grade (1981 or
so). My sister used to tell me that you were duping the public by
playing very simple/easy guitar riffs through tons of effects, and that
you were actually not very accomplished when it came to playing the
guitar. But hey, she also whipped my dick with a wet towel one night
as I was getting out of the shower, so she obviously needs some head
work… ANYWAY, my parents wouldn’t let me go to a rock show alone
back in those days so my sister HAD to take me to your show (in Hawaii
about 1980 or so). I had snuck up to the 3rd row or so, and some guy
about two rows back was spitting ice at you, eventually hitting you in
the eye. You proceeded to throw down your axe in mid-song, you took
two steps back, and then you leapt over my head – landing on him with
fists flying. Not only did this event change the course of my life
forever, etching the Nugent “deeds, not words” ethos into my psyche,
but my sister would never again question the “power of the Nuge”.

So now I’m sitting in Washington State, creating audio for Microsoft
software. Recently I helped promote a new CD format called CD Plus,
that allows you to embed interactive elements into your music CD. It
can be played on any CD player or computer, and in my opinion, would be
a great way to enhance the “straight between the eyes” Rock and Roll
experience you deliver so often.

What do you think of these new digital music technologies? Have you
checked them out already?

Forever Mad,

Matt Johnston

From: Nugent <73531.1175@compuserve.com>
To: Matthew Johnston
Subject: The Multimedia Madman?
Date: Thursday, November 30, 1995 11:02AM

greetings Matt to you & yours even the denial wench of a sister!! Tell
the goofy bitch I hav never used jak-diddly effects. She must be thinking of
Tom veggie got no fiber Sholz!!!! Nuge=100%raw meat sonics. Period. hav ya
haerd my new SPIRIT OF THE WILD!! stunnin shit son. plus if ya got the
attitude call & join/subscribe to TNWB my magazine will stir ya deeply. 517-750-9060.
digital sux. noise & soul & sensual stimuli is my life. yours too I bet. liv it
up, GoWild, kepp the spirit on fire, Happy holidays to you all,

Bloodbrothers, TED


From: Matthew Johnston (RhoTech)
To: Nugent <73531.1175@compuserve.com>
Subject: RE: The Multimedia Madman?
Date: Thursday, November 30, 1995 11:21AM


Upon receipt of your e-mail, my blood began raging like it does in the
hunted rabbit’s heart, seconds before being pierced by the bolt of the
mighty predator. After reading your “response”, however, I felt as if
the Mighty Nuge had locked me in his sights, not to fire a fatal e-mail
projectile through my skull, but only to douse me with his electronic
super-soaker, water-firing crossbow.

You immediately focused on my sister’s critique of your guitar playing,
only to gloss over my passionate recounting of the most memorable
concert experience of my lifetime. Not only did you completely ignore
the most substantial portion of my letter to you, but you used this
communication as an opportunity to shamelessly promote yourself and
your magazine.

When I asked you for your opinions about the new digital technologies
currently being applied to the production of sound and music, the
“Mighty” Nuge’s reply was: “digital sux”. I was asking you about a new
CD format, something you are currently banking on as thousands of Ted
Nugent fans scramble for their DIGITALLY-mastered copies of “Spirit of
the Wild” on CD (just in time for Christmas). If you truly believe
that digital sucks, then why did you COMPLETELY NEGLECT the LP format
when releasing your new album?

C’mon Ted, I understand that you are busy living on the edge, but what
about the fans? You represent yourself as 100%raw meat, but are coming
across as disassociated soybean tofu. You seem to spend a great deal
of time setting souls on fire, but I think it’s time for the Mighty
Nuge to take a moment and stop to feel the heat.

GoWild Bloodbrother,



From: Nugent <73531.1175@compuserve.com>
To: Matthew Johnston
Subject: RE: The Multimedia Madman?
Date: Friday, December 1, 1995 3:42PM

Oh my, CIS E mail tizzy. Get the urine soaked bandaids kids. could be
terminal! Digital does suck thats why we painstaingly analoged SPIRIT OF THE WILD.
Shamelessly promote indeed. We are proud as hell son. tons-O-substance in
my wife’s & my magazine which we hav recieved absolute nil for all the
heart & soul & HARD work. got a problem with that boy! Glossed over, me, never,
that was my best night too Matt. like every night. thats what happens when ya invest
the entire heart & soul. Come along if you care as I GoWild. And DO
subscribe to our magazine cuz it will move ya. You Do like to be moved now dontcha son!
just do it like this, Happy Holidays to ya all, TED